Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Touchless human/machine user interface for 3D navigation (Touchless surfing)

We are leaving in the most exciting time, when new technology is introduced so often that it is almost impossible to keep up. People who are aware of the resent inventions and know who to interact with it are in great advantage over others. Today, interaction is everything. We have keyboards, mice, microphones, remote controls and joysticks to interact with our favorite electronic devises. But, in the nearest future, we wouldn’t need all of that.

Aside from other exiting technology recently introduced by Opera, there is one which is impossible to pass by. Now with the new mind blowing invention from Elliptic Labs it became possible to brows though the files on your computer or navigating your television set simply with your finger or hand in the air - over, around or next to the device - without touching. Same applies to the mobile and electronic devices. Choose functionality, scroll, brows, surf and use gestures without and touching a device or holding a remote.

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