Friday, June 4, 2010

Toshiba introduced AirSwing - a gesture-based UI system in action (video)

I still remember playing Prince of Persia on my 486 computer. Those were the days. (wow I feel old) Back then no one could possibly imagine how computer would evolve in past 20 years. Who would have thought of YouTube, Facebook, Hulu, Netflix and of course new devices to interact with those service like iPhones and iPads. What’s interesting is that I am still using the same keyboard and a mouse to interact with my computer exactly like 20 years ago.
Of course there is a touch screen and voice activated commands on some operating systems, but most of us still use an old fashion mouse and keyboard to interact with out computers either with a wire or without one.
Not for long! Toshiba recently introduced a new way to interact with your computer. Well we all know that Opera and guys from MIT research group were there first. So, what makes Toshiba’s AirSwing so special? The main difference is that Toshiba allows users to use regular webcam. No other expensive hardware needed. You can just attach your camera to the top of your screen and you good to go without worrying about substantial CPU resources. Now you can easily move and zoom into pictures and what not just by waving your hand in front of the camera.

In fact, according to Toshiba their UI system uses only 3% of the processing power of a 400MHz ARM 11 CPU -- meaning that you have plenty of processor left for running other programs. The way it works is that the display shows a semi-transparent image of the user, a menu and the content the user is supposed to interact with. It’s then possible move around or select pieces of content, for example flick through photos in a photo gallery, simply by making gestures.

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Flash vs. HTML5+CSS3: Apple’s response!

I’ve heard a lot of different arguments of what is better Flash with Flex or HTM5+CSS3. Many programmers are not rushing to develop their products in HTML5 and CSS3, just for the reason that most of old browsers don’t support it yet.
However, Apple is actively promoting the use of HTML5 and CSS3. Here is a new website that demonstrates that ability of CSS HTML combination is not limited in any way compare to Flash.

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Lenovo introduced Atom-powered C100 all-in-one desktop for $399

Lenovo introduced another addition to the stylish and innovative collection of all-in-one desktops – Lenovo C100. It want really unclear when Apple’s started the trend with its iMac if there would be a market for this computer. But now everyone is doing it…. Everyone including Dell, HP, Sony. Why not Lenovo? As a manufacturer of good quality non expensive computers, Lenovo quickly won the hearts of many users. What is not to like here?

Starting at $399 (or $50 less than the similar IdeaCentre C300), this rig is equipped with an 18.5-inch LCD, a two-inch thick chassis, Intel's Core 230 or Core 330 CPU, a DVD burner, four USB sockets, GMA950 integrated graphics, 1GB of RAM, a 160GB (5400RPM) hard drive and Windows XP running the show. If you think it is early to worry about a Christmas present think again. It is already there since September 16th just waiting for you.

Spec from the manufacturer:
Attractive slim-line design: Compact dimensions of 18.5 inch x14.5 inch x 4 inch, featuring an 18.5 inch, 16:9 widescreen and two-inch screen depth design.
Intel Atom Core™processors: Available with Intel Atom 230 single core or Intel Atom 330 dual core options for fast and powerful operations.
Easy to access multimedia: DVD burner/reader and four USB ports.
Security and peace of mind: The C100 comes with the Lenovo Recovery System including OneKey™ Antivirus and OneKey™ Recovery that scans for viruses before entering Windows and effectively recovers and restores corrupted data.
For more info go to
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Friday, September 18, 2009

Get Windows 7 for $29.99 with student discount

Microsoft pleasantly surprised everyone today in the morning by announcing the new discount for students. Starting today though January 3, 2010 anyone with a valid student email (.edu), can purchase a Windows 7 upgrade for only $29.99. The announcements first appeared on Microsoft’s Twitter account. Which as very clever, since a lot of students are using Twitter.
To check out the offer please visit this website: and click on the "Buy" section like shown on this picture:

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Modern Warfare 2 limited edition of Xbox 360 revealed

According to Albert Penello, senior director of global marketing for Xbox 360: “It is thrilling to bring the exclusive ‘Modern Warfare 2'-inspired Xbox 360 console to Call of Duty fans”. Thrilling is exactly the word which applies here to refer to the recent announcement about the new Modern Warfare 2 limited - edition of Xbox 360. Microsoft and Infinity Ward announced a limited edition “Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2” bundle in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Aside from the actual gaming console itself the bundle also includes a copy of Infinity Ward’s “Modern Warfare 2", two black wireless controllers, a 250GB hard drive, and an Xbox 360 headset.

The design was inspired by the blockbuster sequel to the best selling first-person action game in history “Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 2”, therefore Microsoft wanted to "make it look like a piece of military equipment" as an Infinity Ward spokesman said in a promotional video on Microsoft's site. The Modern Warfare 2 console is black and features a prominent "2" on the face of the device. Elsewhere on the product are different markings to keep the “…meaning to the game."

The price would be $399 and will be released on November 10--the same day Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 hits store shelves. It would be awailable for purchase in Europe, the Middle East (UAE, Saudi Arabia), UK, US, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Australia, and New Zealand.

Inside xbox:

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

iMac is now a docking station

This device looks sick. That’s what I can say. This looks like the ultimate dream on the go. Imagine this: you working on your iMac at home on very-very important project. The phone rings and you realize that you have to go… I mean you don’t have a choice you have to leave the house. Not a problem, just grab the tablet from your iMac and finish your work on the go.

Sounds great! And that is how it looks like.

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Apple Tablet, MacBook Touch or Apple iPad. What is it? Myth or Reality?

After the release of Archos 9 pc tablet, it becomes clear that the market for “keyboardless” tablets exists. Moreover, with the success of netbooks and iPhone there are not doubts that there is a huge demand for light and “keyboardless” computers. People like to interact with their technology either by swinging stuff around (the Nintendo Wii) or by touch (the iPhone).
It is logical to assume now that Apple would release their tablet sooner than expected. The initial roomer was that the tablet would come out at the end of 2010, but Apple cannot afford to wait that long. So, the new predictions are falling to Q1 of 2010, which is not that far away.
According to the information that licked out Apple’s device would havet a 9.6-inch “finger friendly” touchscreen from Wintek possible OLED, HSPA connectivity, possibly Wi-Fi and a processor from PA Semi (a company that Apple owns) and the battery from Dynex.

Device features:
According to the information that licked out Apple’s device would have:
• 9.6-inch “finger friendly” touchscreen from Wintek possible OLED,
• HSPA connectivity, possibly Wi-Fi
• Processor from PA Semi (a company that Apple owns)
• Battery from Dynex.
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