Monday, September 21, 2009

Lenovo introduced Atom-powered C100 all-in-one desktop for $399

Lenovo introduced another addition to the stylish and innovative collection of all-in-one desktops – Lenovo C100. It want really unclear when Apple’s started the trend with its iMac if there would be a market for this computer. But now everyone is doing it…. Everyone including Dell, HP, Sony. Why not Lenovo? As a manufacturer of good quality non expensive computers, Lenovo quickly won the hearts of many users. What is not to like here?

Starting at $399 (or $50 less than the similar IdeaCentre C300), this rig is equipped with an 18.5-inch LCD, a two-inch thick chassis, Intel's Core 230 or Core 330 CPU, a DVD burner, four USB sockets, GMA950 integrated graphics, 1GB of RAM, a 160GB (5400RPM) hard drive and Windows XP running the show. If you think it is early to worry about a Christmas present think again. It is already there since September 16th just waiting for you.

Spec from the manufacturer:
Attractive slim-line design: Compact dimensions of 18.5 inch x14.5 inch x 4 inch, featuring an 18.5 inch, 16:9 widescreen and two-inch screen depth design.
Intel Atom Core™processors: Available with Intel Atom 230 single core or Intel Atom 330 dual core options for fast and powerful operations.
Easy to access multimedia: DVD burner/reader and four USB ports.
Security and peace of mind: The C100 comes with the Lenovo Recovery System including OneKey™ Antivirus and OneKey™ Recovery that scans for viruses before entering Windows and effectively recovers and restores corrupted data.
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