Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Color Rings Bluetooth ‘Handset’ Design Concept from “bck” That Turns Your Hand Into a Phone

Argentinean based company "bck" recently announced the cellular phone accessory called "The Color Rings". The two rings which are designed to be worn on the thumb and pinkie finger… One ring works as the microphone, and the other is the headset. Sensors in the rings would allow you to answer the call by simply flicking your fingers into the ‘phone’ position.

Description from the designers at "bck":

The color rings are an accessory for cell phones that are inspired in the gestural language of the use of the phone. It is conceived as an extension of the hand, which makes their use a more natural one, and more comfortable and more attractive as well. The rings are thought to be either an electronic component, or a fashion accessory. They were designed to be worn in the thumb and pinkie fingers, and work as a microphone and headset, respectively. These, interconnected wirelessly with the phone, allow responding calls only by separating the fingers and speaking, using distance sensors between rings to activate the call.


  1. Where I can get this and how much will it be?

  2. It's cool, but not practicle. This is not hands free so would be pointless in a car, a normal Bluetooth is just fine. At least for me