Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Microsoft is launching the latest version of its media player - Zune HD on Wednesday.

HD seems to be common acronym lately. We got HD television, HD radio, HD video, HD telephone. How “HD” crawled to the media player, with Microsoft’s future release of Zune HD.
iPod was dominating the market for media players for a long time now. And in some point people would not distinguish the difference between iPod and media player terminology… But it is all in the past now… or is it? Well, let see what’s going to happen after the release. For now it is quite clear the marking need a healthy competition to make better products.

Zune HD is available in 16GB for $219.99 and in 32GB for $289.99

Device features from the manufacturer:
• Built-in HD Radio™ receiver. Allows you to listen to higher-quality sound than is available from traditional radio channels, as well as access additional programming through HD2 and HD3 multicast channels from many of your favorite local FM radio stations at no extra cost.
• HD video output capabilities. Supports HD video playback from the device through a premium HDMI A/V docking station (sold separately) directly to an HDTV in 720p, making it easy to enjoy better-than-DVD-quality video on your own big screen at home.
• OLED touch screen. Allows you to easily flip through music, movies and other content. The 3.3-inch glass screen and 16:9 widescreen format display (480x272 resolution) offer a premium viewing experience.
• Built-in Wi-Fi. Allows for browsing, streaming or downloading new music from Zune Marketplace.
• Internet browser. Full-screen Web browsing, optimized for the multitouch screen with zoom-in and zoom-out gestures.
• Accessories, at home and on the road. Zune HD and AV Dock charges and syncs players while playing supported 720p HD videos on HDTVs. Play HD Radio, music and podcasts from your Zune HD device through your car stereo using the Zune Premium Car Pack.

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