Saturday, September 12, 2009

Is Facebook Lite a Twitter killer?

Facebook introduced it is new “Lite” version. The initial prototype was intended for the countries with a limited access to high-speed internet access. However, the new design was so attractive and promising it stayed here in the US and now available to all current Facebook users.

First it was MySpace which introduced social network to the world. Then Facebook with its genius concept delivering friends updates. Then it became a little overwhelming for some people. And then Twitter come along. What’s now?

Facebook has enormous user base and with Lite version there is no need to have a Twitter account if you have one on Facebook. The Lite version appears to be much cleaner and simpler. It appears, at a quick glance, to be a better site for Facebook newbies or for anyone who finds the current site overwhelming or noisy.

Facebook Lite has couple of visual changes, compare to Facebook Classic. Most of the navigation and info page that was on the left side including apps are now gone. The input box is replaced by buttons (Write, Post Photos, Post Video) that pop down the actual input forms only when needed.

All pages on the site seem to be affected. They are simpler, easier to read, and faster. They load faster, partly due to what appears to be HTML optimization at Facebook…. Well I don’t want to spoil it for you log in and look for yourself… Its

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